Laird Hamilton’s Maui Home Sells For $2.4M

As reported in the Wall Street Journal, Laird Hamilton’s Maui estate at “Jaws” went under contract in one week and sold for $2.4M after being listed on the MLS at $2.75M.

The Gym of Laird Hamilton's Maui Home

The gym of Laird Hamilton’s Maui home

The legendary water-man’s property—featured on MTV Cribs—included a 5,000 square foot home, a barn, large fishponds, and mature plantings of bananas, passion fruit, guava, and coconuts.

Laird Hamilton with wife Gabrielle Reece and their two daughters

Laird Hamilton with wife, Gabrielle Reece, and their two daughters

Hamilton and wife, Gabrielle Reece (former professional volleyball player, now a fitness guru), had converted the entire first floor into a gym and the 1,674 sq. foot garage housed six vehicles, a flotilla of watercraft, and jet skis used for tow-in surfing.

Hamilton, who said he could “hear Jaws break” from his bedroom, chose the site for its proximity to the surf spot—to fulfill his dream of riding Jaws whenever it broke.

Laird Hamilton surfing "Jaws" on Maui

Laird Hamilton surfing "Jaws" on Maui

Though the big wave rider still intends to surf the mega-waves at Peahi on Maui, Hamilton and his family are spending more time on the north shore of Kauai and have plans to build a home in Hanalei.