Massive Web Traffic, Targeted Marketing, and Representation without Compromise. 

Internet-Driven, Smart Marketing

Our Hawaii Life marketing strategy is internet-driven. In today's marketplace, it is absolutely critical that properties get exposure online, and that prospective Buyers can search and find exactly what they are looking for – a home, at a price, in a place, with attributes X, Y & Z.

We promote our listings to a Global Audience of Buyers, as well as to all other Kauai Realtors and their clientele. Our marketing campaigns utilize user-friendly technology, professional imagery, selective print media, and targeted email communications to cast a wide net of influence. 

Our website delivers results better than any of our competitors. To wit, we are the #1 ranked website on Google and most other search engines for terms such as ”Kauai Real Estate”, ”Hawaii Real Estate", and the like. Our presence is both powerful and effective.

Solid Representation

Our professional commitment is to provide unsurpassed service and representation to our clients. With integrity, experience, and professionalism, we help our clients to navigate the selling process and to avoid the potentially costly and time-consuming pitfalls that often show up in real estate sales. We always consider that a home purchase (or sale) is typically the most important financial decision that people make in their lives, and we treat each transaction as though our own interests are at stake.

Buyer Lead Management

Since 2011, Google has delivered over 7X more organic traffic to than our nearest competitors. This high volume of web traffic results in a large number of inquiries from prospective Buyers. To manage all of our leads, we have developed proprietary software, which allows us to track our clients from their initial inquiry all the way through to their eventual purchase. Our technology enables us to better understand what prospective Buyers are looking for, and to customize our marketing to target those specific interests.

Your Strategic Advantage

Our objective is to get the highest price for our client's properties. By listing with Hawaii Life, our industry-leading marketing and technology become your strategic advantage.

  • Top Placement in all Search Engines - - try a Google Search for Kauai Real Estate.
  • We are Where the Buyers are - - most Buyers start their search online before they contact a real estate agent. We are in both places - - online and actively networking with other Realtors.
  • Hawaii Life Featured Properties - - our listings get featured gallery placement on our website, as well as priority placement on our company site,
  • Powerful Statistics: Our software allows us to track exactly how many customers have looked at our listings online, when, and for how long. No other media can provide this kind of marketing feedback to Sellers.
  • Networking: Our marketing doesn’t end with We also feature your property on the most visible national real estate websites including Zillow, Trulia,, and literally hundreds of other sites. We are everywhere on the web.
  • Relationships: Real estate is all about connecting Buyers and Sellers. With 32+ years of combined experience, we have an extensive list of clients to draw upon, as well as positive mature relationships with our peers in the industry.

What’s My home worth?

Correctly pricing your home is critical in today’s market. We can help.


Properties Sold by Us

With over 38 years on the island, we have a lot of local knowledge. Our performance speaks volumes, and our clients benefit from our extensive experience in the Kauai market.


Success Stories

Our professional commitment is to provide unsurpassed service and representation to our clients. If you haven't already done so, take a look at what our past clients have to say...