A Bit of North Shore Market Intelligence

This 2-unit CPR (Lot 9) has just been listed on Hanalei Plantation Road for $3.55M. The property is 1.9-acres and allows for 2 homes to be constructed (and separately titled). Water views are somewhat obstructed by lots/homes/vegetation in foreground, mountain views are wide open. It is a great property. See photo below… Here is a link to more information about the listing: Click here to see the information. (Links are valid for only 60 days)

The Adjacent 1.7-Acre Lot #10 (also a 2-unit CPR, allowing for 2 homes) is for sale for as well for $3.4M. Here is the link to that information: Click here to see the information. See photo below showing aerial orientation of both Lots 9 & 10.

HPR Lots9-10.jpg

Here is another interesting piece of news about a $19.0M purchase on the North Shore:

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Oakley founder buys 2 lots in Kauai's North Shore Preserve for $19M

Published: January 29, 2019

James Jannard, the founder of Oakley Inc. eyewear who bought four beachfront properties on Kauai’s North Shore for $43.5 million several years ago, has added to his Hawaii portfolio, spending $19 million to buy the first two oceanfront ranch homesites in the North Shore Preserve project.

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